the early days

  The Garage as essential to the motor car as a spark plug yet the least recognised, quite often an eyesore cluttered with signs and scrap, they began life as an old forge or a small business started by a returning soldier  from france.

The motor car in its simplicity could be serviced and repaired by most with a mechanical background thus providing the opportunity for the growth of the garage.

With this network those with the means could venture further afield a picnic in the country or even a motoring holiday.

The garage soon became a regular sight on the road and one could recognise familiar names like SHELL, PRATTS and DOMINION to name a few.

Legislation forced garages to present a tidier image and soon became a welcome stop on long journeys.

Cars used oil and water at an alarming rate so oil dispensers were found on forecourts along with air and water and finally an attendant to check those levels for you.

The road was the lifeline to the garage, its size its design and volume of customers, all determind by a line of the planners pen, just because romans used a route does not mean it will survive restructure, in later years the bypass and motorway caused many closures.